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No New Posts newbie in Texoma area 37 5 Boomhawr
Mon Jul 28 2014, 09:42AM 
No New Posts on Popular Thread Kim's Kayak Adventures 248 19 DM inTN
Mon Jul 28 2014, 08:07AM 
No New Posts paddling distance? 52 8 Boomhawr
Sun Jul 27 2014, 09:19PM 
No New Posts on Popular Thread New custom kayak trailers 907 18 Grunt
Sun Jul 27 2014, 02:38AM 
No New Posts getting started! 63 3 Lindy
Sat Jul 26 2014, 07:04PM 
No New Posts Boomhawrs Kayaking Day Trip Little Maumelle River in Arkansas 26 2 Boomhawr
Sat Jul 26 2014, 06:23PM 
No New Posts Werner bent shaft 154cm for sale $150 plus shipping 21 0 -
Sticky Thread Post a picture of your kayak. 15689 122 DM inTN
Fri Jul 25 2014, 09:54AM 
Sticky Thread Crazy Items/Things You've Discovered While kayaking 7399 66 The_Total_Icon
Fri Jul 25 2014, 08:41AM 
No New Posts Necky foot brace pops out 45 4 Lindy
Thu Jul 24 2014, 09:32PM 
No New Posts best kayak rack for 2014 Subaru Outback? 70 9 evacjohn
Thu Jul 24 2014, 07:10AM 
No New Posts [poll] Do you loan your paddling gear? 39 2 Lindy
Sun Jul 20 2014, 09:41PM 
No New Posts on Popular Thread Slo Paddler's Leap Into Kayaking 285 16 KC Kevin
Sun Jul 20 2014, 04:29PM 
No New Posts Lightning Strikes Kayak! 154 2 Lindy
Thu Jul 17 2014, 02:03PM 
No New Posts Greetings and Salutations from Alabama 47 3 BamaBoy
Thu Jul 17 2014, 08:56AM 
No New Posts Illinois Kayak Permits 88 3 KC Kevin
Wed Jul 16 2014, 09:10PM 
Sticky Thread Pictures transporting your kayaks! 19376 132 Spot
Wed Jul 16 2014, 03:22PM 
No New Posts Inflatable tandem kayak for small adults and kids? 40 0 -
No New Posts Howdy from hearudude 107 7 hearudude
Mon Jul 14 2014, 09:06PM 
No New Posts on Popular Thread Other Hobbies Kayakers Partake In? 1548 25 ControlledPair
Mon Jul 14 2014, 07:12PM 
No New Posts New from Texas 46 3 SloPaddler
Mon Jul 14 2014, 11:41AM 
No New Posts KC Traffic Increase 289 7 Grunt
Fri Jul 11 2014, 05:31AM 
No New Posts Any kayak recommendations? 102 3 erinfroglady
Wed Jul 09 2014, 09:06PM 
No New Posts New guy - lots of ?!!!!! 118 4 erinfroglady
Wed Jul 09 2014, 08:42PM 
No New Posts W. Camano vs the H20 paddle need some thoughts..l 130 1 erinfroglady
Wed Jul 09 2014, 08:11PM 
No New Posts roof rack system for sale 45 0 -
No New Posts [poll] Help me decide!!! 119 4 hearudude
Sat Jul 05 2014, 01:36PM 
No New Posts 2010 or 2014 jackson superstar 50 0 -
No New Posts Waterproof Kayak Socks 75 1 Sir_Flips_Alot
Fri Jul 04 2014, 07:57AM 
No New Posts Anchor trolley on a Fusion 124 511 1 nubby105
Wed Jul 02 2014, 02:28PM 
No New Posts Any North Jersey Paddlers 32 0 -
No New Posts Tandem Kayaks 272 1 nubby105
Wed Jul 02 2014, 01:42PM 
No New Posts What's the best thing to have on a fishing kayak? 1553 8 Frank
Tue Jul 01 2014, 08:35PM 
No New Posts Five lucky guys 67 1 KC Kevin
Tue Jul 01 2014, 05:20PM 
No New Posts New guy from central PA 57 1 KC Kevin
Tue Jul 01 2014, 05:18PM 
No New Posts Self Loading a 15.5' long 77lb Kayak 675 7 Frank
Tue Jul 01 2014, 09:21AM 
No New Posts Trolling motor mount? 327 1 Frank
Tue Jul 01 2014, 09:14AM 
No New Posts Loading and un loading. 181 7 Sarahthegrea8
Sun Jun 29 2014, 07:21PM 
No New Posts Taking my Doxie. 44 0 -
No New Posts Fishing Rod Holder 140 4 Jared James
Thu Jun 26 2014, 05:09PM 
No New Posts New Member Northern NJ 98 5 SloPaddler
Wed Jun 25 2014, 09:34PM 
No New Posts Dry top: Level Six? 49 0 -
No New Posts Clueless? 77 1 KC Kevin
Tue Jun 24 2014, 01:27PM 
No New Posts Kayaker Escapes Floating Bog in Hayward Wisconsin 365 0 -
No New Posts Launch Locater. 128 8 KC Kevin
Tue Jun 24 2014, 09:08AM 
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Kayak News
New Product: Portable Work Stations by Suspenz
Save your knees and protect your boat while washing or working on it with these new indoor/outdoor Suspenz work stations. Boats will sit safely on a stable platform at a convenient height. The removab [more...]

Posted By: KC Kevin on Jul 02, 2014 (Views: 36) (comments: 1)
VIDEO: Must See, Bog Moves In!
Chippewa Flowage,Hayward, Wisconsin. Alan T. was kayaking with the Kayak Crazy Crew when we heard a radio call we couldn't quite picture... Until we saw this video. The entire island is a bog, an [more...]

Posted By: KC Kevin on Jun 24, 2014 (Views: 60) (comments: 1)
June '14 Update
Hi Kayak Crazies!

Thanks for hanging with us through the tough winter we had. We're back into the swing of things and we will work on getting more activity on this site ASAP.

Thanks! - Kevin [more...]

Posted By: KC Kevin on Jun 23, 2014 (Views: 25) (comments: 0)
1000s of listings to choose from
1000s of listings to choose from and new ones added every single day. Check out [Click Here] to find your next boat! [more...]

Posted By: lckcpaddler2 on Jun 10, 2014 (Views: 39) (comments: 0)
GreenFish Announces New Design, New Options for CPR Mount
GreenFish Announces New Design, New Options for CPR Mount

CPR Mount Designed for Catch-Photo-Release

SAN CLEMENTE, CA. Dec.9, 2013 - The days of releasing the fish of a lifetime with only your [more...]

Posted By: KC Kevin on Dec 19, 2013 (Views: 344) (comments: 0)
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