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Tue Aug 02 2016, 12:51PM
Posts: 2
Hello! I'm Paul. My wife, Kay and I just bought our first "starter" Kayaks in our mid-60s after trying it out with friends. Just a couple of 8' Lifetime Daylite SOTs. We're close to the Saint Johns River and easy day trips to slow water rivers, runs, lakes and springs around our beautiful state.
Birthday is March 26.
Don't remember the rest of the "general format" stuff, but looking forward to learning much here as we paddle off into retirement.
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KC Scarlett
Thu Aug 25 2016, 04:13PM

Location: Chicago
Posts: 31
Welcome to KC!!!
From Chicago.

Love that you guys picked up kayaking and are enjoying it! Hope that the site can help you guys out a lot!
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Thu Aug 25 2016, 09:32PM
Posts: 2
Thanks! We've started a blog to track our adventures and progress [Click Here]
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KC Kevin
Wed Sep 07 2016, 06:00PM

Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 2278
Hi Paul! Welcome to KC!!!!
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Wed Dec 21 2016, 05:18PM
Posts: 39
Welcome! Enjoy the ride!
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Wed Jan 04 2017, 01:00AM
Location: Missouri Ozarks
Posts: 155
Welcome from the Missouri Ozarks. Retirement has some good points, like having enough time to kayak. My river time gets side tracked by my wifes horse riding. She rides multiple days a week in warmer weather. Enjoy!


[ Edited Wed Jan 04 2017, 01:02AM ]
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