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Dusting off the Osagian Classic Canoe
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Wed Aug 31 2016, 03:09PM
Location: Missouri Ozarks
Posts: 155
I have had my Osagian 17 foot Classic aluminum canoe for well over 20 years. It has been neglected for a while now. The kayaks are so much easier to haul (Shorter: Perception Tribe 11.5' Osagian Canoe 17'), and lighter to handle (The Osagian is 79 Lbs empty). We have been thinking about an overnight float trip, which made the Osagian Canoe look a little more usefull for a change. (It is rated at 780 pounds) Well the wife was off to High Knob Horse Camp in Southern Illinois most of the week, so I went to work building a pair of carriers to haul the canoe in the back of both of our trucks. A trip to Pipe Plus South of Willow Springs Missouri fixed me up with a 24 foot stick of 2" X 2" tubing. I had them cut it into 2 each 6'-6" sections, and 2 each 42" sections for the canoe to rest on, and headed home. A trip to the fabrication shop in Summersville and I was in business. I made them to extend from my Reese Hitch back approximately 6 feet. Then I had a section added to raise the 42" Tee section up to bed level. I finished it off with a couple 2" wide sections of Rubber Stall Matt for the canoe to rest on. I added a couple rings on each end of the Tee for my Tie Down Strap, and a clip point for my Red Flag to go on the back when the Canoe was on the other truck. I have them both resting at the moment letting the Black paint dry.
The wife will be home this evening, so I better start looking for my canoe paddles, and the seats.
Being a little rusty in a canoe, I will probably make the first trip from Two Rivers to Log Yard on Current River. That is a good long float with no bad spots to navigate. I should be back up to speed on a canoe again in no time at all.
I think we may start getting the canoe out now and again with a convenient means of hauling it around again.
I will let you know how the float trip goes.

UPDATE: The paint is dry and I did a trial loading in both trucks to make sure I had all the bugs out of securing the canoe. Everything went well. I have my Bass Pro seats installed, drink holders are in the box. I have the canoe loaded on my truck ready to head out first thing in the morning (Friday 2 September 2016). I am taking both of our Bending Branchs Whisper kayak paddles, as well as my old canoe single blade paddles.


[ Edited Thu Sep 08 2016, 01:46AM ]
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Mon Sep 05 2016, 05:16PM
Location: Missouri Ozarks
Posts: 155
We loaded up the 19 Quart Engel Dry Box / Cooler with water bottles and a few apples from the Farmers Market. We put 4 each Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwichs, and some chips in the 13 Quart Engel Dry Box / Cooler, and we were ready to head out for the river at 7:30 AM. We stopped at the Stop N Spot Convenience Store in Summersville and iced up the 19 quart Engel, and we were off for Emmenence. We dropped off the wifes 3/4 ton Dodge pickup on the gravel bar at Log Yard, and headed back up stream to Two Rivers to put in. We got everything loaded up and were on the river at 9:30 AM. We were going into a stiff head wind the entire float. This made for a lot of extra paddleing. The water was in pretty good shape. We lightly brushed the gravel in a couple spots, but not enough to get out of the boat. This was the Friday morning before the Labor Day weekend. I was expecting to see some early birds on the river. That was not the case at all. We did not see a Kayak or Canoe the entire float. NOTE: Current River below Two Rivers Canoe Rental is not heavily floated by tourists.

We got to Log Yard at 2:00 PM. An all day float in 4.5 hours was making very good time. We had no issues at all loading the canoe onto the Tailgate Extender, and sliding it forward into the bed. This was about as easy as loading the kayaks.
We picked up my 3/4 ton Dodge truck at Two Rivers, and headed back to Emmenence. We parked the truck with the canoe at the City Park River Access, and went on to the Dairy Shack for dinner. We both had the Texas T Burger and Tots. While we were eating dinner we were seeing vehicles with canoes and kayaks everywhere. They were showing up in force friday afternoon, for weekend.

I think a few tie points on the canoe would not be a bad plan before the next trip. Also some better drink holders would not be a bad idea either.
We tryed the kayak paddles. I was not really impressed with using them in the canoe. They worked ok, but not as well as I would have liked them to.
The Bass Pro seats were a big improvement over the aluminum bench seat. It is nice to have a good padded back rest.
The canoe is a little more sluggish to turn than the kayaks, but we were pretty rusty in the canoe too. We were much better drivers by the end of the trip.
We did have a very good time.
Sorry no pictures this time. We misplaced the camera.


[ Edited Mon Sep 05 2016, 05:29PM ]
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KC Kevin
Tue Sep 06 2016, 10:42PM

Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 2278
I hope you didn't misplace the camera on the water! Looking forward to more pictures of fiuture adventures.

Thanks for the read! For the record, I've paddled over 30 different kayaks and never a canoe! Shh.
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Thu Sep 08 2016, 01:41AM
Location: Missouri Ozarks
Posts: 155
Wilma located the camera, she had it with her at horse camp, and it was misplaced in her truck.
I did a little looking on line at Austin Kayak for Drink Holders this morning. My little brother suggested checking out bicycle drink holders at Wal-Mart while we were eating dinner. I took a look this afternoon, and decided the one they sell will work out fine. I made a trip by the Pierce Specialty Metal shop, and everyone but the secretary had left for the afternoon. I will be back in the morning looking for some aluminum pieces to mount the drink holders to. I am really surprised that Osagian does not put a drink holder in the front Deck Plate. Osagian has added a couple extra front and back Thwarts for carry handles on the later model canoes. This will mess up mounting a drink holder on the vertical cover at the rear of the front Deck Plate where I plan to mount one of the pair of drink holders I bought today. I will probably mount a piece of angle aluminum to the center of the rear Thwart to mount the back drink holder to.

I think I will shorten both of the Tailgate Extenders a little. I want both to fit in the back of a short bed Dodge pickup with the tailgate shut. That was Wilma's idea, and a good one at that. I made them both just a few inches too long to fit in the truck bed.
I am going to use one of the Tailgate Extenders tomorrow to haul a few 2" X 6" Boards 16 feet long to the Sportsmans Club. This will be better than hauling my trailer around.


[ Edited Thu Sep 08 2016, 01:51AM ]
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