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Tue Oct 25 2016, 01:41PM
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Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have suggestions on where to kayak in Puerto Rico? We are going next week and would like to do some kayaking. We'll need to rent kayaks so that's a consideration, too. We are staying near Fajardo and visiting Vieques for a couple of days. We will have a car the whole time (even in Vieques) so we can drive to other locations if needed. We know about the biobay tours, but what are some other places you guys recommend? We would love to kayak without a tour guide (but still have some idea where the good places are).
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Sun Nov 13 2016, 08:31PM
Posts: 39
Well, we kayaked once on Vieques for the biobay tour. It was so good I'm going to create a whole new post for it. As for kayaking without a tour guide, we didn't get to do that, but we did do a little snorkeling off Vieques. We used my Navionics mobile app and found a good dive spot that was appropriate for snorkeling-Maneulki Island (La Chiva). It was beautiful!!! This would have been a great place to explore in a kayak as well, but we didn't have time to rent a kayak. Unfortunately we didn't realize the camera we brought didn't have an SD card until we were already in the water so no pics. We saw angel fish, multiple types of butterfly fish, parrot fish, urchins the size of basket balls, multiple types of corrals including fan corral and brain corral, groupers, blue striped grunts, fairy basslets, spadefish, and the list goes on and on. But I'm including a screen shot of the location from my Navionics mobile app in case anyone is interested and wants to go.

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