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Necky Manitou 130R for a heavier guy
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Tue May 23 2017, 10:22PM
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I am getting ready to buy myself a decent Kayak. First of all I prefer kayaking further out into lakes and want something that can handle choppy water if I happen to get into a mild storm and also not tip over so easily when boats pass by...another words I am more of a "Touring" type of Kayaker...go out far and then just chill out and relax out in the open waters away from everyone. I am not a fisher. I decided to go with a "Necky Manitou 14" and when I called "Backcountry" to order one the salesman tried hard to talk me into the "Necky Manitou 130R". The reason being because I live in Louisiana where we also have many smaller beautiful areas in the swamp areas where this would be a better "all around'er" type of Kayak for myself that I can enjoy for years. My main goal is to have a Kayak that can handle bigger waves and choppier waters so that I can indeed go further out in places like the Lakes and have more confidence in not capsizing over too well as an all a rounder for when I just decide to cruise the smaller rivers...but again touring is more important to me and stability for larger waves. etc.
Again I am loving the idea of the "Necky Manitou 130R" because of the whole "all around'er" type of Kayak that can handle plenty.

Here is my while the "Necky Manitou 130R" sounds absolutely perfect I noticed that the maximum load is 275 pounds. I am 5'11" and right around 240 pounds. I am not a fat guy I workout and am built stocky (with a little belly;) but still I am a somewhat larger guy. Now sometimes when I am bulking in the gym I can get up to 250 pounds point is the maximum load is rated only at 275 pounds! With my gear on I am 20 pounds heavier so I will be really pushing it not not mention I will be bringing a small ice chest with me for my lunch/water to drink adding slightly more weight. I am not planning on carrying much but with my weight combined every little thing will make a difference.

The salesman is swearing up and down that the Necky Manitou 130R will be perfect for me regardless of me being a heavier guy. It seems to me that my heavier weight would screw up the performance and handling of the Necky Manitou 130R...I could be wrong and the salesman might be right but what do I know.

IMO I really think I would be better off with the Necky Manitou 14 mainly because the load is rated at 325 pounds which is a huge difference...would the Necky 14 be a decent kayak for myself for touring in the lakes especially if the waters get choppy? and would this 14'er handle waves decently as well?

Any advice on this? Also would the Necky Manitou 14 still allow me to go out pretty far in the waters and handle decent even if the water is choppy and handle waves decent as well?

I have only used cheap rented recreational kayaks and canoes before in the past so I am not exactly a newbie to paddling...still though I want something to handle rougher waters if that should happen... but I really want a nice sit in that I can once again go out far in as again I tend to like the whole "touring" concept.

Thanks in advance.
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Wed May 24 2017, 07:14PM
Posts: 26
Mike from WI. Our dimensions are not that far off. I'm 5'10" - 234 lbs. I have no experience with either model you are contemplating ( nice looking boats though) 6 years ago, I was fortunate enough to talk with several dealers and paddle a handful of boats that I felt confident in to get me back to shore at the end of the day. Contrary to what some people think, there is not a lot to choose from when you are larger guy / girl. I wanted a boat that would safely allow me to do some island hopping, overnight camping on or near lake Michigan, and still be able to navigate shallow backwaters, which is primarily what we do. My main goal was stability, rather than speed. I found that Wilderness Tsunami 14'5" met my primary goals ( (wife has 13'5" ) I have never looked back. You mentioned only paddling rental boats in the past. I would recommend finding a dealer, or dealers that carry each, and sitting in each. Make note of difficulty getting in & out of both. I looked at a few specs for each boat. Both polyethylene, but then there are bigger differences: cockpit width is 3" wider on Tsunami and capacity is somewhat higher @ 350 lbs. You did not mention your age, but at 60 I appreciate the slightly larger cockpit. ]Please go to both websites for a better comparison. Sorry to ramble on, but I am very passionate about the sport, and enjoy telling my journey into the paddling world.
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Wed May 24 2017, 07:16PM
Posts: 26
I forgot to mention to look at attachment for specs
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Fri May 26 2017, 04:17PM
Posts: 2
Thanks for the advice. I did extensive research on the Tsunami 145 and went to a major Kayak retail store near my area to check some out. I have decided I will be getting a Jackson Journey 14. It has very similar specs as far as the cockpit size and I actually got to sit in one. It felt amazing. It is physically somewhat smaller than the Tsunami but still built tough and for kayakers well over 200 pounds...(again I am 240 pounds). It can take a 310 pound load which should be plenty being I will mainly just be carrying myself with a small ice chest for drinks and food...I can even put a small tent on this Kayak if I ever decided to do a camping trip. Again I fit perfect in it and cannot wait to pick it up next week and take it out to the waters and start falling over on the thing,lol. I have zero experience with kayaking but have done plenty of canooing. I am excited about this.

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