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Sat Aug 14 2010, 12:40AM

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Rules and Regulations of Kayak Crazy

*LAST UPDATED: 08.14.10

  • Type professionally.
    That means punctuate, capitalize, and use proper grammar. If our staff cannot comprehend your post, it will be erased.

  • Respect all members.
    No flaming or yelling at other users. We want a fun and friendly kayak community. Every member & admin will be treated equally.

  • No Plagiarizing.
    People work very hard to write up articles, take pictures, and all the behind the scenes research. Give credit to where credit is due. Never claim someones work as your own.

  • Do not post with intent to raise your post count.
    Such action will result in post counts being reset and posts deleted. No one word posts or useless posts.

  • Limit yourself on foul language.
    We do have young users on here, as well as other members that simply don't want to read it. Please keep foul language to the minimum.

  • Absolutely no nudity or sexual content.
    There are young forum users with us, and we need to accommodate everyone.

  • No Advertising
    There is no advertising allowed anywhere, other than by persons whom are granted permission by an admin.

  • Search before you post.
    Don't ask a question, without first searching for it, the "search" box is located on the homepage and on the bottom of the forum and forum posts.

  • Don't act as an admin.
    This will only cause more problems. We have admins for a reason. Click "report post" and we will deal with it. That will email an admin privately. They will inform me; for a faster response, PM an online admin directly.

  • No political or religious discussions.
    People are not going to change their ways or opinions, and these discussions only lead to problems.

  • No Discussions about Dangerous/Illegal Acts.
    There will be no discussions about harmful contraptions, acts, ideas, or past experiences. Alternatively, there will be no discussions about illegal activities or harming of animals.

  • No spam/harmful links
    No posting of links that may be misleading, annoying, malicious, or harmful to PC's and their respective users.

  • No Double Posting!
    No consecutive posting in the same topic. A bump is allowed some time after, do not bump excessively.

:: Signatures ::

1. Maximum IMAGE space you are allowed to use is 500w x 100h pixels. and 3 lines of text.. No Excessive amounts of text. MAX (Admins best Judgment)

2. No Nudity, sexual content or swears. (keep them clean!)

3. No BB code quote Boxes. Quotations(text) are ok, but not QUOTE BOXES.

These rules will be strongly enforced, in everyones best interest. If we do not give you fair notice of what you did wrong, we do not feel it would be right to punish you.

Neglect of the rules, will result in:

The following are possible punishments, Dependant on the offense. Typical Punishments are as follows.

1. A warning via PM.

2. 24,48, or 72 hour ban

3. 365 day or permanent ban.

[ Edited Wed Apr 13 2011, 05:48PM ]
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