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Fri Jan 20 2012, 08:44PM
Location: Maine
Posts: 36
Kilo_Kev wrote ...

Kayaklady wrote ...

I carry a spare, but without it I'd use the remaining portion of the paddle as a rudder. A frisbee will work if you're in a bind and don't have too far to go.

DO you often find yourself packing frisbees?

Often, but not always. A good game of frisbee on the water is fun.
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Sat Jan 21 2012, 05:08AM
Location: Sydney Australia
Posts: 7
The Inuit often used a single blade paddle (ie a canoe paddle) with their kayak, so there's no reason you can't use what's left of your paddle to J-stroke your way to your waiting car. I've actually had a few break on me and although usually carry a spare, once had to paddle back about 10 miles canoe style.
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Sun Apr 24 2016, 12:47PM
Posts: 24
KC Kevin wrote ...

Crazy Innovation Scenario #1
You and your one friend are paddling a 30 mile stretch on a river with minimal current but it's working in your favor. You have a car parked at both the launch and take out point. You're equipped for overnight camping trip. You're totally secluded with no cell service, no roads, no other boat traffic. You're surrounded by forest and small beaches.

12 miles into your trip, the blade on your paddle snaps off and disappears into the current, never to be found again.

What do you do?

came across this while looking for info on solar panels, to see if anyone takes any portable ones with them (I'll post another thread asking about it next). But, I figured I'd toss out my idea for the proposed situation (I'm short on time, so didn't read them all, so sorry if someone beat me to this answer).

Tie my kayak off to my friends and have him tow me of course, we could take turns
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KC Kevin
Mon Apr 25 2016, 11:18AM

Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 2278
Hmm, I forgot about these! Need to get them going again! Thanks for the reminder!
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Sun Apr 30 2017, 02:27AM
Location: Acworth NH USA
Posts: 17
I carry a spare paddle, and if that breaks-duct tape, get a Y shaped stick and duct tape it to the shaft then wrap tape around the top of the Y, should work but if it fails I have more duct tape....or if time whittle a greenland paddle
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