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Sat Nov 24 2012, 09:38PM

Location: Dallas
Posts: 595
I've kayaked and I've fished but I've never really fished while kayaking. I've never had a problem finding a place to put fish when I fish from shore or a bass boat but where do you stow your catch in a kayak?

I just got motivated to start fishing again after I spent some time with extended family over the holidays. Now that I have stopped to pick up a telescopic rod from Wal-Mart, I'm starting to allocate a bit of thought towards logistics and choose to defer to those far more experienced and smarter than me.

So, how about it? What's the best tips and tricks for coordinating the fishing gear and the fish themselves?

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Jared James
Sun Nov 25 2012, 07:35AM

Location: Chicago, Il
Posts: 453
Assuming you're not catching anything TOO huge, I'd say get one of those collapsible steel mesh baskets that you can leave off the side of your boat (and tied down somewhere, of course). Any sort of live well is huge and crazy expensive, not worth it unless you've got a Hobie made for fishing or something.

Also, if you're ever camping and depending on fishing for food then a few Yo-Yo Fishing Reels will make sure you don't go hungry. I tested mine out before the weather went bad in a quarry we were paddling in and within a few minutes I had caught two little bitty bluegills (I didn't set it very deep).

If you plan on getting an anchor, get a relatively heavy one... i tried using a 2.5 lbs one "made for kayaks" and it was rubbish.

[ Edited Sun Nov 25 2012, 07:36AM ]
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Sun Nov 25 2012, 11:29AM

Location: Dallas
Posts: 595
Now those yo-yo reels look pretty interesting...and the price is right!

Thanks for the links.

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Sun Nov 25 2012, 05:17PM
Location: Sterling,IL
Posts: 265
kayak fishing is a blast, learning to downsize from all the gear you carry on a boat is a challenge.

If im keeping fish (usually bluegills or a few cats) I use one them mesh floating baskets and tie off to side of boat. If you have a boat with room a small 3gal or 5 gal bucket works. Then you can run a airator in there too.

As for rods, I prefer to use 6-7ft rods, occasionaly if im verticle fishing over some structer I will use a smaller rod or a ice fishing rod. Lots of practice out and seeing what works for you.
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Sun Mar 22 2015, 04:28PM
Location: Flint, Michigan
Posts: 8
You can also buy large insulated fish bags that you fill with ice before setting out taht will keep your catch fresh for several hours. They will ride in places in kayaks where coolers won't.
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Thu Aug 18 2016, 01:57PM
Posts: 39
Those yo-yo reels look awesome! I'm ordering some now. Thanks for the link.
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Tue Jul 04 2017, 03:06PM
Location: NW Michigan
Posts: 5
I use one of these expanding mesh fish baskets with a "Wheel barrow" tire inner tube around the neck area. Coated cable attaches to any mount or handle on kayak.

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Fri Jul 07 2017, 09:36AM
Location: springfield ky
Posts: 5
what ever you do don't buy the cheep chain stringers like they have at Wal-Mart, I lost 2 good catfish the other day on one of them, they will come apart where the little sheetmetal that holds the clips on and your fish will be lost, I was po-ed
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