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Sat Apr 11 2015, 10:12AM
Posts: 11
Being the impulsive sort that I am, I couldn't wait for the weather to warm up for demos so I jumped in. Found some spectacular deals online and it will all be here in a couple days.

Here is the list (give me your thoughts)

Dagger Axis 12.0
Aqua Bound Sting Ray, carbon fiber 240cm
Seals Sneak spray skirt
Cockpit cover w/integrated mesh storage bag.
Bilge pump and various smaller accessories.

It should all be here by Thursday and will all be wet on Friday!
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Wed Apr 22 2015, 07:53AM
Location: Missouri Ozarks
Posts: 155
Has your Dagger came in yet? Looks like you did some research on what you wanted.

We ended up ordering our last 2 kayaks. I could have gotten them at about the same cost from our not quite local kayak retailer, however he could only get the current 2015 model of the kayaks we wanted. I wanted the 2014 model before they changed the seats, so we ordered them.

Keep us posted when you get them.

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Tue Nov 10 2015, 02:38PM
Posts: 6
Guess it didn't show up or he is still out on the water! LOL
I purchased the Dagger Axis 10.5 after sorting through all the yaks with my preferences. I love to paddle lake and river and this crossover is a real favorite.
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Thu Apr 20 2017, 11:20AM
Posts: 6
I am interested in purchasing the Dagger Axis. How do you like yours so far? Have you had it in any rapids (Class I or II)?
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