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Mon Feb 22 2016, 11:35AM
Posts: 2
Hey guys my name is Cam Schultz I am brand new to the forum. This upcoming September myself and one other friend have scheduled a kayaking trip from New Hampshire to the mouth of the Connecticut River in Old Saybrook, CT. I have a bit of experience with kayaking and paddleboarding and the water but not 12 day expedition experience. I am planning on picking up a new kayak or canoe for this trip and I was curious what would be recommended for a kayak on a forum hopefully from people with multiple day packing and camping experience. Also if anyone is from the New England, USA area I was questioning the date of September 1st to depart. Any input is greatly apreciated thanks guys. - cam
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KC Kevin
Wed Feb 24 2016, 11:47AM

Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 2278
Hi Cam,

This sounds a bit aggressive to me. Plan yourself an over night trip, then a few 2 day trips, then 3 day trips, and work your way up.

12 day expeditions can be tricky. Trying to figure out how to bring that much gear in a yak (without overloading it) is not an easy task.

That's a lot of paddling to take on unless you're going to start paddling every day and building up to it. Paddle sections of the river and see how what time you make. Plan to have a few extra days on the trip for bad weather or unexpected slow downs.

Canoes are great to have with the group because they can hold a LOT of gear.

You're going to want a long touring kayak, 17'+ for sure. A skeg or rudder will definitely help with the weight you're going to carry.

I'd start my search in this direction. [Click Here]

Always carry first aid, emergency food, dry clothes, fire starters, leave a detailed plan with a family member. As I'm not famaliar with this area, you might have cell service the entire trip and be able to get out and eat cheese burgers, but I'm assuming this won't be the case the entire way. Most of the trips I've done have been weekend trips, and I've rarely had those luxuries.

[ Edited Wed Feb 24 2016, 11:50AM ]
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Wed Feb 24 2016, 01:23PM
Posts: 2
Hey kev thanks for getting back to me and the link for the tsunami 175 I have looked into that one and it has been #1 on my list. I know it is a bit aggressive and I live right on the Connecticut River so we plan on doing a few overnight trips and weekend trips this summer before we jump into the 12 day. I know it is going to be something way out of my experience but given the length of the trip I had to take the days off from work in advance and we are both very committed. We should be purchasing our boats within the next couple of months so we have time to get familiar with them and practice packing them up. We will have close towns and stores available at some point but that won't be for a few days into the trip and then could be days in between. I am hoping September is going to work out we are trying to avoid the peak of the summer with other boaters and campers but hopefully it won't be too cold first 2 weeks of September. What temperatures/ seasons do you typically kayak/camp?
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KC Kevin
Fri Feb 26 2016, 10:55AM

Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 2278
I typically camp in June but that's because of where I go. The weather can be very different up north in Wisconsin. You might see 50, you might see 80. The water usually just finishes thawing out by that time.

You should be fine as far as temperature in September, as long as you stay mostly dry. Being damp is not fun on cool nights.

I'd buy the kayak as soon as you can and hit the water with it. Learn the boat as well as you can before taking it out on the water. Roll it in safe conditions and learn it's limits.
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Thu Mar 17 2016, 09:08AM
Posts: 6
Ambitious! 12 days downriver, you could cover quite a distance in that time.

As to knowledge of the area touch base with paddlers at, and They're all local to the CT River.

Equipment to bring - there's lots of lists but an edited version of the required equipment list might be useful.

Kayak - Tsunami, not my favorite. I'd probably go with a P&H Scorpio. Biased opinion though.

See you on the water,
The River Connection, Inc.
Hyde Park, NY
[Click Here]
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Sun Apr 30 2017, 02:09AM
Location: Acworth NH USA
Posts: 17
I'm doing a similar trip on the ct river, solo, Canaan vt.- Northfield ma. about 250mi. starting june 1, I figure I could do it in 8 days but I will try for 9-10 days and have food for 12(if I feel like it, I might paddle back upriver a bit so my ride won't have to drive as far to pick me up) I'm using my necky manitou 14, some of my last big trips were a solo 100 mile 5 day trip in maine may 24-30 2016 and a 4 night in northern vt, with night time temps in the high 20's- no probs(except I had to whittle a spoon, and a bear visit on night 4 of the maine trip)
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