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Tue Mar 08 2016, 02:31PM
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I decided to build a trailer so that I can pull my Kayak behind my bike. It is strong and very easy to pull. Plus it was very cheap and easy to make!

Here are some more pictures if you guys are interested

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Fri Mar 18 2016, 11:01AM
Posts: 2
This is great. I made one last year as well but I think I am going to modify it this year to have a frame like yours. I made a scupper cart for mine and then attached it with a board behind my wheel but the board was attached to my seat area and not the axle area. The way mine is, it is wobbly and unstable so it hard to pull my 12 foot 65 pound (empty) kayak anywhere other than straight lines.

I'm wondering how you attached the boards to the axle area, how did you fasten it to keep it from swaying side to side when you pull the kayak and turn?
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Fri Mar 18 2016, 12:42PM
Posts: 2
Yeah, my first attempt at making a kayak trailer sounds very similar to the one you (brugs5) made. Here are pictures of my first trailer. It had a few problems. Like yours, mine swayed a lot causing a fish tailing action. This made it hard to pull. Also because it was higher off the ground, it was harder to stay balanced on the bike (especially when making turns). Plus I made it out of PVC pipe so it wasn't as strong. Eventually it shattered after going over a small bump.

So I redesigned it and now I'm pretty happy with my new trailer. boards & screws are a lot cheaper and stronger than PVC pipe & fittings. Also, I found the wheels in the garbage so that made the trailer even cheaper. The only downside is that it is heavier (but personally I believe the fact that it is so much easier to pull makes up for the weight).

To answer your question... my bike frame happened to have two holes in it near the axle. So i just attached the board using two bolts on each side. But I'm sure every bike is different so there is the possibility that this method won't work with your bike.
Take a look at this video starting at the 2:50 mark This guy built a simple tow bar made from 1/2″ electrical conduit and a swiveling ball joint. It works great because the bike can be laid down flat.

Hope that helps. Post pictures!!!

[ Edited Fri Mar 18 2016, 12:43PM ]
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Fri Mar 18 2016, 01:19PM
Posts: 2
Here is mine now.

I don't have much storage space for a long frames one like yours and I am afraid that making one will make it too heavy as my kayak, as you can see is a bit longer it seems like and heavier. Yours wheels are also much better (the bigger the better). That was a nice find for you.

I'll see what I can work up. Doing kayak fishing this year starting soon here in MN so I'll be adding more weight to my kayak for the bike to the lake also so that isn't going to help. May just be using the truck. I just like the exercise with the bike trip.

If i could find a way to fasten the kayak to my bike mount without having it dangle or be loose with the strap, it would be much easier and not feel so wobbly.

I do not have holes in my bike frame so your mount won't work for me, but i'll take a look at the video.

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KC Kevin
Fri Mar 18 2016, 03:32PM

Location: Chicago, IL
Posts: 2278
Honestly, this is just too cool.

Such a cheap and easy solution!
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Sat Dec 09 2017, 06:13AM
Posts: 4
So innovative. But can this setup be used for transporting kayak for long distance. Recently, my friend transported his kayak to his trip spot using a auto transport Palm Springs service. Such setup can avoid spending money on shipping companies.
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